Thursday, November 29, 2007

What a busy , busy , day!!!

So I was off of work today finally!!!! It has felt like an eternity. Anyway got my grocery shopping done, went and had a good workout at the gym with my hubby and we even had a nice lunch! I started christmas shopping today! I must be really sick or exhusted or something because my normal shopping routine starts around december 20th! I went to the new Target ( I love it) and wanted to get some more really cute calanders to scrapbook with for gifts, my friend had made a really cute one! But they were all out ( I bet I know who bought most of them!! ) Anyway I did not get a chance to create wonderfully glorious things today. I hope to finsih my x-mas cards tomorrow but I am on-call the weekend! You remember the little black box that taunts you!!! Well I hope everyone had a great day and I have no idea when I will get to write again!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I am always tired!!!!

So I was not able to write last night due to being on call for my job. I am a nurse for those of you who don't know me ( and I don't even think people read this)and work for a local hospice. I love helping families 24/7 on call but I hate my pager. It is just a little black box constantly teasing you. You can't sleep because you know at any minute you might hear beep beep beep and you say " are you serious!!!" because of course you just fell asleep!!! So I am tired today due to lack of sleep. I did however manage through my work day, go to the gym for a great workout and play with Owen, give him a bath, and put him to bed ( with his binky because I am not the strong parent)!! I am off tomorrow and plan to grocery shop, x-mas shop, workout and hopefully have time to make some cute calendars or a page or two. Talk with you all tomorrow!

Monday, November 26, 2007

No! No! Mine!!!

So my dear sweet little Owen learned how to say NO NO and Mine these last two days. He is so funny some days and a little not so funny when he is a big crab. Today would be a crabby day!!! We are trying to break him of his beloved binky! Not going so well!!! Owen is tired, his mama ( me) is tired and poor ol' dad is even tired. I am so proud to have written 3 days in a row. Thats a real record. Not much new in our world besides crabby 19 month olds. I am on call for work tomorrow so I don't know if I'll be around!! Have a wonderful night and a great tomorrow.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Oh What a day .....

Well another day here and gone. I am very tired today! It was a long day cleaning and cooking for the in-laws. I made the best cheesey scalloped potatoes ever! I could have eaten the whole dish but I am on a lifestyle change ( a.k.a. diet) to lose some weight!! A group of us at work are journaling our food and work outs to support each other in our weight loss. I will keep you all updated with our success. I wanted to scrapbook today and create some wonderful things but my mind is way to sleepy to be wonderfully creative. Well have to work tomorrow so I guess I will see what the day has in store for me! Until next time..........

Saturday, November 24, 2007

I'm New

Hey anyone who might read this! I have never had a blog before and really don't know much about them but here I go!!! I have had a pretty relaxing day up with my son
EARLY this morning and then off to the gym!!! We did get lunch and a nap in today. I love nap time! I did some shopping today even though I was crazy enough to get up on Friday at 4:00 am to shop with my husband. I had to get a cricut!!!! It is a b-day present from my husband and he won't let me have until my b-day which is in another 3 weeks!!!! Well I am off to bed since it will be a long day tomorrow. I have my in-law's coming over to celebrate Thanksgiving!! Well Hello and goodbye to my new readers ( if I have any yet).