Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sickness all around!

Well I have not been around lately my blogger friends because I have been so sick!!! Owen was sick first and then I got a horrible cold. I don't know if it was the flu or what. I am feeling a little better finally today but I am still tired and have a ton of congestion!!! The weather here is not helping we are having a slight ice storm!!! I hope everyone else has been well. Not much new because all I have done was lay around and watch T.V. and go to bed super early with Owen!!! If there are any American Idol fans around I am so happy it is back on!!! Well talk to ya later. My large laundry pile and messing kitchen is calling my name!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Stress . . . .

So I am feeling a bit overwhelmed and stressed out lately. Funny that I just wrote that line at 10 pm and my phone rings for a new patient referral!!! I am on-call and was going to blog and go to bed!! Luckily for me the family does not need me tonight right this minute!! I am off tomorrow and really need it! I go through stressful spells and I am in one right now!! It will pass I am sure of it. So I really don't have much to blog about because I am tired and a little crabby. Does any of my 2 readers have a special way of dealing with stress. I think my stress comes from # 1 WORK, #2 To much cleaning and not enough hours in a day, and well just normal life stuff. Well hope to hear from you guys and have a great Valentines day!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Parents vs. Parents

So usually I don't have any particular topic to talk about but tonight I think I do. Lets talk about parents. I think about the way parenting works two people have children those children grow up start a family your parents become grandparents and then like they took care of you the tables turn and sometimes we have to take care of them. That is the situation I am currently in. My dad lives with my husband and I due to the bad economy and poor decisions made a by a life long business partner. So I love my dad I don't mind him living with me and Owen loves to spend time with him. With that stated sometimes he drives me crazy!!!!!!!! He wants to help most of the time his helping is really just making more of a mess, a tantrum and so on. He wants to help with Owen but as a g-pa is more forgiving than Chris or I would be. Owen is a great baby BUT very strong willed and stubborn. Its his way or fit throwing! Lately we have struggled with bedtime so tonight we were crying, screaming, and throwing blankets because he wanted to play. My dad comes home asks why is he crying and decides he will put him to bed. They were in his room talking, playing and then he put him to bed. Sounds great only problem is my dad went to bed and dear Owen is still up talking, hitting the walls, and making the rocker hit the wall. so it is 10 pm I am blogging and exhausted and my 2 year old is still up!!!!!!!!!! I try and make Owen learn wrong from right and sometimes I feel like my dad unintentionally undoes all the hard work! He loves owen and my two neices more than life and I know he means well but it puts me in a slightly stressful place. I can't say anything to him because he becomes defensive and sensitive!!!!!!!!!! I guess I just needed to vent. There are many more examples and I don't think I can write them because I will just cry. So I guess my question to the blogger world is where do we draw the line with grandparents?? What to do I don't know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I am just tired and everything stresses me out lately! Well thanks for listening. I hope I made sense and didn't sound like a bad daughter. Good night!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Hello again. Well it was a very very long weekend. I was on call for work and it was busy!!! I am not complaining I helped a lot of people but I worked 40 hours in 3 days not including the days I worked earlier in the week. I hope everyone had a great weekend!!! Tonight I made Taco soup which was so very yummy!!! I got the receipe from Amy. I am not much of a cook but recently I have expanded and started to cook a little more. I am a very picky eater and I have tried over the last several years to try a lot of new food. For example I never used to like Chili, so I thought( I wouldn't even try it). So Chris made it and forced me to eat some and I loved it!!! I am 28 yrs old and act like a child at times when it comes to food! Not entirely my fault I grew up eating chicken fingers, mac-n-cheese(still my favorite food), french fries and sometimes hamburgers. We had the same meal plan for the week. My mom worked two jobs so we ate quick meals!!! I have grown a lot in the food department thanks to my husband! Thanks Chris!!! I am looking for new yummy receipes if anyone has a favorite to share. It doesn't have to be fancy just whatever!!! Well I am very tired I worked just an hour short of a full day today!!! Hope to see ya tomorrow!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I need a maid!!!

Hey everyone! So today was my day off and all I did was clean and do laundry! It was a long day and I am very tired. I told my husband he needs to win the lottery or find a way to make a lot of money because I am tired of all the cleaning!!! I did join the ladies auxillary for the fire department tonight. It was kind of fun. I've never really belong to a group/function like that before. It was fun I got to meet a few new people and the most important thing is I learned that one of the wives SCRAPBOOKS!!!!! She was talking that she wanted to have a stampn up party so I told her I am in!!!! I most likely won't be around this weekend to blog I am on-call and already have 2 maybe 3 new patients to see! I hope your weekend is great!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I hope everyone had a great Super Bowel Sunday and a great start to their week. I have had so much to do the last couple of days I was unable to get online. I have a never ending pile of laundry, dishes, and toys, and mail, and trash, and the list goes on and on!!! I am sure a lot of understand! Not a whole lot new here. Just wanted to say hello! Hope to have more tomorrow! Work has been very, very busy so I am very tired! Good night!

Friday, February 1, 2008

So most of the day I was wondering what I am I going to blog about tonight. I was in a bad mood for part of the day for two reasons. One because of work I had the day off but because of the snow I had stay on call until 10:00 am when the office opened. Doesn't really sound that bad but it is how it happened. No one even called to tell me I was on call later or that the office was closed in the morning!!!! I woke up with Owen and called my friend to ask if they were working! Anyway there was more drama but it doesn't matter anymore! The second reason I was upset was because I decided to take a nap ( I know sounds great) but I was so exhausted I slept a lot long than I wanted to and didn't get anything accomplished! Then I realized maybe I was being to hard on myself. I did get to spend extra time sleeping next to my husband because with him working nights that doesn't happen very often. We went to the gym together and had a lot of quality time! So I guess it was better than me cleaning the house and not spending time with Chris! The rest of my day was fine just starting to have bedtime wars with Owen. Being a mom is so hard. You get over one hump and just start to climb another. Well have a great weekend!!!