Monday, March 24, 2008

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great easter. Mine was pretty good. We went on Saturday for an easter egg hung. It was Owen's first one and he did really good! He got his face painted like a bunny and the held real ducks and bunnies. It was really cold we had to wear our winter coats! Yesterday we spent the day with my mom's family and it was a good time. Owen got crabby at the end because he didn't get a nap. Well not much else new around here. I have to go clean my house and do the laundry!! Bye for now!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Friday!!! Sorry it has been a couple of days since I have posted! After the flood, almost overdose and a new dog I have been busy!!! I was also on call since then worked like 11 hours and well just got tired. I have a 3 day easter weekend!!! yeah!! We are going to an easter egg hunt, dinner at my aunts and then hopefully it will be nice on monday so I can go to the park with Owen and some of my friends!!! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Not much new here. The new puppy is doing great. He is best friends with Owen and my dog Ella! Well I gotta go! Bye for now!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

So today I will blog using key words!
1. Cleaning: All I did was spend my day off cleaning. Chris and I worked together to clean our room and yes it took 2 people and many hours! I did a ton of laundry and lets just say my house has never been cleaner and there are no scheduled parties or visitors at this time.

2. Flooding: That would be what happened when our sump pump decided it was tired and wanted to die. I have respect for him but he could have died when it was not raining! Luckily my husband works for a fire department and they have neat shop vacs and huge pumps to pump out all the water. That leads us back to # 1 which was cleaning because we had a huge mess.

3. Poison Control : That is who I had to call because during our flood Owen decided he was bored, tired, mad, sad , I don't really know the emotion at the time got in his diaper bag, got out the dimatap cold medicine and opened the lid and " LOOK MOM I can Chug!!" Start to drink the medicine! I got the bottle right away and no harm done. Still had to call to make sure my child didn't overdose himself!! He still had a runny nose at bedtime and but didn't fight has hard! ( He really was fine just a very long day for him)

4. New Dog : We got a new dog yeterday and he is pretty cute! His name is Grady and he became best friends with our dog Ella. They have been playing all day and well it is making me tired. They do nap next to each other!

Well that is my day and I am tired. I have a few more things to do but I took a break to blog. I hope everyone else's day went well!!! Hope to see you tomorrow!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I survived 5 miles!

Well I wanted to be sure and blog early in case any of my readers we so worried about my having a heart attack during my run. For those of you just tuning in I participated in the St.Pat's day run yesterday! There were over 8,000 runners! I ran the entire 5 miles without stopping and we (my husband friend Richie) finished with a time of 1 hour 6 minutes! I thought that was pretty good since I have never ran that far ever!!! Well I am off to a huge flea market with friends and my mom this morning! Don't worry I am just window shopping no spending money for me today!!! I also had the issue with the bank resloved. I went to a different branch demanded to speak with a manager put on my I mean business voice and had my money refunded! It will just take about 10-14 days to completely be refunded BUT at least I will get it back. Have a great sunday and ST. Patrick's day!!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Where does the money go?

So not to long ago I confessed to the world that I was poor and trying to make a budget stay on budget and well life just sucks sometimes. So after that post I did very well managing my money we cut back didn't spend and I joined another blogger in a " no buy " march. That is where you don't buy "stuff" just the must haves to survive! So I was so proud and excited today is PAYDAY and I can pay the bills! YEAH! BUT..... I go to look at my account and what do I see??? An overdraft fee that can't be!!!! So here is what happened. My bank cashed the same check twice. The first check cleared in January and they cleared a photo copied check the exact same check that cleared which through my account off other checks did not clear and I got charged overdraft fees. I spoke with the meanest teller at the bank had episodes of sobbing off and on at work and had to contact an attorney just in case they will not correct their error! My husband and I are going to a different branch to speak with the manager (other branch refused to let me speak with the manager) and hopefully they will fix the mistake replace my money and fees. SO if there are any bankers reading this blog please enlighten me on the process of how this could have happened. Well if it wasnt' for bad luck I would have no luck at all!!!! the bank is telling me it is the company I wrote the check out to's fault and that company is saying it is a bank error because they have no record of the transaction! Well I will let the world know what happens! For now I must go to bed. My eyes are red, swollen, and I can't hardly see out of them so I will go and rest my weary eyes! Good night and I hate the bank!

Friday, March 7, 2008

I am back in High School?

So today was kind of an interesting day at work. One of my good friends had a meeting with our two bosses to discuss varies topics. Through the meeting he was told that him and 2 other co-workers were being accused of forming a click and excluding other people! As you might assume I was part of the " click". The co-workers involved are friends of mine and we all have things in common, we hang out outside of work!!!! I guess other people (one person in general) feels left out! So for those of you who stay at home with the kids imagine work like highschool. People fight apperently there are " clicks" , the mean girls ( not me) and the general rest of the co-workers who mind their own business. I will admitt I like to gossip but I don't say anything that I wouldn't say to their face!!! I love my job and my co-workers so oh well!! I admire all of you that stay at home because I believe that is the hardest job there is. There is no formal training and you have to entertain people all day!!! Great job to you stay at home moms! Well I orignally started this entry on Friday but as usual when I am on call and sit down to blog my pager or phone rings! So I didn't want to press my luck so I waited until Monday afternoon to post this! Well have a good week and I will hopefully be around again tomorrow. If your wondering my call went well just a few hours each day!!! Bye

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Well back again! I was off work today but I was so busy all day that I am even more tired than if I would have gone to work. I went with my husband to register for a St. Patrick's day run. I am looking forward to it. It is 5 miles and you can run or walk. Chris and his friend and as they tell me are going to run. I will probably have a heart attack so if after March 15th you don't hear from me it is because I am still laying in the road trying to breathe!!!! I think I will be fine so no one worry! Anyway I am on call this weekend for work and that kind of sucks. I love my patient and families but on call is always busy. I carry my pager and it just keeps beeping and that means that I will be gone all day and evening!! I always freak out and put myself in a bad mood and it turns out to be just fine. Well thats all for tonight I have to get ready for bed. Good night!!!