Tuesday, March 18, 2008

So today I will blog using key words!
1. Cleaning: All I did was spend my day off cleaning. Chris and I worked together to clean our room and yes it took 2 people and many hours! I did a ton of laundry and lets just say my house has never been cleaner and there are no scheduled parties or visitors at this time.

2. Flooding: That would be what happened when our sump pump decided it was tired and wanted to die. I have respect for him but he could have died when it was not raining! Luckily my husband works for a fire department and they have neat shop vacs and huge pumps to pump out all the water. That leads us back to # 1 which was cleaning because we had a huge mess.

3. Poison Control : That is who I had to call because during our flood Owen decided he was bored, tired, mad, sad , I don't really know the emotion at the time got in his diaper bag, got out the dimatap cold medicine and opened the lid and " LOOK MOM I can Chug!!" Start to drink the medicine! I got the bottle right away and no harm done. Still had to call to make sure my child didn't overdose himself!! He still had a runny nose at bedtime and but didn't fight has hard! ( He really was fine just a very long day for him)

4. New Dog : We got a new dog yeterday and he is pretty cute! His name is Grady and he became best friends with our dog Ella. They have been playing all day and well it is making me tired. They do nap next to each other!

Well that is my day and I am tired. I have a few more things to do but I took a break to blog. I hope everyone else's day went well!!! Hope to see you tomorrow!


Maria said...

Aww, cute dog! We actually have 3 sumps in our basemet, so if one quits, hopefully the others will take over. After we moved in we discovered the sewage pipes weren't big enough to accomodate all the new housing in the area, and our house is the closest to the pipe, so during big rains it backs up in our basement. We actually haven't had a flood in years, but we haven't had any big rainstorms either!

Amy said...

very cute puppy...I am praying for some good luck to come your way...because woman you have been through it this week!!