Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Well my readers I am so sorry it has been so long since I posted. My life has been so very crazy busy!! I don't know why!! Either I am on call working late, have a meeting, appointment, crabby child and the list just goes on and on. Owen has been battling a bad cold and ear infection, then he sprained his ankle!!! I thought he was finally getting better and now has a fever. No running nose, no ear pulling ( went to follow up appointment yesterday ears looked great) so I have no idea what illness or problem we are about to encounter again!! I have been so tired that after work , house work, and bedtime I am pooped. So I go to bed early and had no energy to blog! Well I am back and hope to keep up with my blog. This is all I have for tonight we had a long day. It was another snowy ice storm and Owen refused to nap and was very crabby and I had a headache all day and OH my life! See ya tomorrow!!

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Maria said...

Glad you're back! How about some work stories? I stay at home and would love to hear about the working side .