Friday, March 7, 2008

I am back in High School?

So today was kind of an interesting day at work. One of my good friends had a meeting with our two bosses to discuss varies topics. Through the meeting he was told that him and 2 other co-workers were being accused of forming a click and excluding other people! As you might assume I was part of the " click". The co-workers involved are friends of mine and we all have things in common, we hang out outside of work!!!! I guess other people (one person in general) feels left out! So for those of you who stay at home with the kids imagine work like highschool. People fight apperently there are " clicks" , the mean girls ( not me) and the general rest of the co-workers who mind their own business. I will admitt I like to gossip but I don't say anything that I wouldn't say to their face!!! I love my job and my co-workers so oh well!! I admire all of you that stay at home because I believe that is the hardest job there is. There is no formal training and you have to entertain people all day!!! Great job to you stay at home moms! Well I orignally started this entry on Friday but as usual when I am on call and sit down to blog my pager or phone rings! So I didn't want to press my luck so I waited until Monday afternoon to post this! Well have a good week and I will hopefully be around again tomorrow. If your wondering my call went well just a few hours each day!!! Bye


Amy said...

gee wonder if I can guess who the the popular girls are...LOL...looking forward to Friday!

Maria said...

The only thing I can say is the same for me staying at home, sometimes I still feel like I'm in high school, too. I'm not only dealing with my mean kids, but with their parents! Some of the parents act like they're in high school! Just be glad you have those good friends at work.

Shelly said...

I used to work in the OR of the hospital for 3 years and finally left. I can not help it that some of us are very social and like to do things together outside of the workplace. Then there are others who feel left out but every time you ask them if they want to participate they would give us an excuse. Office politics I guess, but I got fed up with it and left.