Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Where does the money go?

So not to long ago I confessed to the world that I was poor and trying to make a budget stay on budget and well life just sucks sometimes. So after that post I did very well managing my money we cut back didn't spend and I joined another blogger in a " no buy " march. That is where you don't buy "stuff" just the must haves to survive! So I was so proud and excited today is PAYDAY and I can pay the bills! YEAH! BUT..... I go to look at my account and what do I see??? An overdraft fee that can't be!!!! So here is what happened. My bank cashed the same check twice. The first check cleared in January and they cleared a photo copied check the exact same check that cleared which through my account off other checks did not clear and I got charged overdraft fees. I spoke with the meanest teller at the bank had episodes of sobbing off and on at work and had to contact an attorney just in case they will not correct their error! My husband and I are going to a different branch to speak with the manager (other branch refused to let me speak with the manager) and hopefully they will fix the mistake replace my money and fees. SO if there are any bankers reading this blog please enlighten me on the process of how this could have happened. Well if it wasnt' for bad luck I would have no luck at all!!!! the bank is telling me it is the company I wrote the check out to's fault and that company is saying it is a bank error because they have no record of the transaction! Well I will let the world know what happens! For now I must go to bed. My eyes are red, swollen, and I can't hardly see out of them so I will go and rest my weary eyes! Good night and I hate the bank!

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Maria said...

I used to be a bank teller and have no idea how that could happen! I would say it's the banks fault! Weird!