Friday, December 28, 2007

I'm an Aunt!!!!

Well yesterday my brother and his wife welcomed a new baby girl named Ellery Veronica she weighed in at 6 lbs 6 oz and was 20 inches long. She is so cute and has so much hair!!! Work this week has been kind of busy and I have been really tired so I wasn't around much. I have been trying for a very long time to try and organize my house and keep it so much cleaner!!! I hate laundry and so I know I need to get better at that. I know I only have like 2 readers but I was wondering if anyone had any good organizational tips for me. I feel like I am super busy and well I guess I would rather nap or sleep all night than clean!!! Well I have bills to pay and a budget to update so good night and I hope you have a great weekend.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Where is my Holliday Cheer?

Hi everyone! Sorry it has been a while since I've been around. It has been a very long weekend and Holliday. I had a very good christmas I just never really got into the christmas spirit. I was a lot less stressed this year and all my plans and gifts pretty organized which is a first for me!!!! It just didn't seem like x-mas to me and I have no idea why. Owen did enjoy opening his gifts most of the time. He was sooooooooooo tired this morning he wasn't really into opening gifts and got very upset with Chris when taking his picture. Well I am very tired and back to work tomorrow. I hope you all had a very wonderful x-mas!!! See ya tomorrow!!!Here are some pictures of my family and Owen being sad and happy!!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Oh Boy!!!

Well today I was challenged a little to discuss how to dicipline my son. Well Owen is only 20 months but he has a very very STRONG personality. What I mean by that is he already has a temper. He likes things his way or no way at all. I know most kids his age are like that but for example we tried taking the pacifier away at bedtime. Yeah right. The doctors said just let him cry he will finally fall asleep nope not Owen if I would have let him he would have screamed all night long!! He does not give up easily. As far as dicipline already we try and teach him right from wrong. We use NO NO a lot and very short time outs. He knows when he has to sit he was wrong. I grew up in house with divorced parents and surely learned responsibility really early. My husband on the other hand grew up with 6 siblings and alcohol/drug addicted parents ( who have been sober for a very long time now). I had my neice live with me for about 5 or 6 months who was 7 at the time. She has had a very rough childhood to say the least (that is another long blog. She was very challenging to me. She was used to yelling, screaming, knock out drag out fights between parents, being ignored and being bad on purpose to get attention because hey bad attention is attention. So we battled everyday. I guess here are some of the methods I tried. Right or wrong I don't know.

1. Talking: I tried to talk to her like the little person she was. I would tell her why I felt something was right and the reasons why it was bad. Most days it worked others she was just in a mood and didn't care. I did not yell a lot because it didn't phase her, she was used to yelling. I do this with Owen also. I tell him time to go nite nite and I pick him up and take him to bed or he is ready and walks himself to his crib. Same at bathtime time to get out if he doesn't cooperate I pick him up and that is that.

2. Time out: I had to send her to her room to give her a chance to calm down when she got her self all mad and crazy to a point. She was not used to rules and did not like when our rules were inforced. She would yell and scream and throw tantrums. I would calm take her to her room and let her "Chill out" and then would could work things out.

I really don't have more to add at this point. My main goal for Owen is for him to learn to be polite, respect others and to learn what responsibilty is and to be an overall good guy!! Chris and I have a complicated family between my in-laws and his so responsibility is a big lesson for Owen

Miche does not spare the rod.
Jo-N wants to be her children's best friend.
Tot's Mom spares the rod and believes in patience.
Huckdoll spares the rod and believes there are more effective yet gentle ways to discipline than spanking.
Kelly at Ordinary Art has a three-step approach that does not always work but leaves tiny tushes mark free.
OhMommy has spanked and never will again.
Amy spanks when necessary.
The Sports Mama found it depended on the individual child and the situation.
Karen thinks that each situation needs dealt with differently.
Maria sets high expectations and likes "the talk".

AmyC uses choices and a sense of humor

Leslie uses talking and time outs to chill out.

I wish I had 5 people to tag but I don't!!! I am sooooo sorry.

Thats all I have tonight and I will look to all of you in the future as my little monster gets older!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bubble Wrap

Well today was a pretty good day!!! First thing this morning at work we had a surprise visit from Santa!!!!!!!!!!!!! What that meant was we got a bonus check YEAH!!! I was pretty excited since tomorrow I have to finish my christmas shopping so now a lot of stress has been eliminated!!! My nurse manager is pretty easy going and this past year has had at least 3 fender benders. She has either ran into the back of another employees car, hit 2 poles, and side swiped a bakers car the day before Thanksgiving leaving our work parking lot! so today me and 3 other co-workers bubble wrapped her car and left a sign in the window that said Caution Susan on Board!!! She saw it when we left tonight and thought it was sooooooooooooo funny!!! Other than all that excitement my day has been pretty good. To the gym after work, dinner with Owen and the husband, watched clash of the choirs ( pretty good I would say) and Owen off to bed and me to balance the check book and of course catch up on my blog and everyone else's!!!! Well off tomorrow I'll let you all know how shopping went. Enjoy some of the pictures of the bubble wrap!!! Bye

Monday, December 17, 2007

Oh Monday

Well back to work I went today! I was pretty busy so at least the day went by fast. It was a little cold and slushy out so it made driving a pain! Anyway nothing to crazy or exciting happened in my world today. My days all seem to be about the same. I stick to a pretty regular schedule or routine. Work all day, home to hang with Owen, eat dinner, give Owen a bath, and then bedtime, then it's time to clean up the toys and house and clutter, maybe scrapbook, check out the internet, and then man I get tired so off to bed I go! Most days I do go to the gym because if you remember I am on a lifestyle change!!! I did set up my cricut and started to get used to it!!! I was going to start and make a calendar but I am getting tired and my brain was yelling please please please don't use me anymore today!!! So I agreed and did not make a thing! Well I am not off until Thursday and on-call tomorrow so I don't know if I will be around!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Birthday . .

Well today is my birthday and I turned 28. I was supposed to have a pary last night with all my friends and some family BUT we had an episode of snow. The weather was not very good and well nobody showed up to my party. I completely understand that no one wanted to go out in the snow but I feel like a total lose who has no friends!!!!! Today has been a good day. Chris (my husband) Owen and I got up ate breakfast and played in the snow!!! Owen had a great time it was his first time in the snow. Then Owen and I took a nap and we went out to dinner with my mom and stepdad. I got a cricut for my b-day from chris and my mom got me stuff to go with it. For those who don't know what a cricut is it is a die cutting tool for scrapbooking. I am really excited to use it but tonight I am going to hang out with my owen and chris and just relax!! Well here is to a good week!!!!!!!!!!! Bye

Friday, December 14, 2007

2 Days until my B-day!!!

What a day! Thank gosh it is Friday!!!! My birthday is in 2 days and tomorrow my husband has the night off of work we have a babysitter and out we go to celebrate. I have some and family and friends coming out to meet us for dinner and drinks YEAH!!! The only problem I forsee is that we are supposed to get 4-8 inches on snow tomorrow. It will be pretty and be just fine!! I actually had time to myself after putting Owen to bed. I created a great layout for a word challenge of HOPE. Well I have used my brain way to much today at work and then at home and lets face it I like to go to bed early and it is way late for me!!!!!!!!! Have a great weekend if I don't get a chance to write!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Well I had a pretty good day today. I spent the day with Owen who was pretty good and not that crabby!!! We went to the gym to workout in the morning and then off to the mall for christmas shopping. I got most of my shopping done with just a few more people to buy for next week. This x-mas is hard because we are on a tight budget. Last year I had credit cards galore and all I had to do was CHARGE IT and everyone had a great gift. Not this year!!! Oh well x-mas is not all about the gifts. I am very tired from Owen and shopping so hopefully tomorrow I will get a layout or two done. On saturday we are going out to celebrate my b-day!!! Talk to ya later!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Where does the time go?

Well I am in the process of another night on-call. It makes two nights in a row thats why I was not heard from last night. I worked late and was really tired. Today was a good day. We had our work christmas staff meeting and it was actually fun!! Really nothing to exciting to report. Just another day. Owen was a little crabby I will sure be glad when he talks more ( I know enjoy it while it lasts) but really the pointing and grunting is driving me crazy!!! He did get happier. I am off tomorrow and plan to finish my x-mas shopping. And who knows what else I will do maybe take a nap. I LOVE to take naps. Well I did not create anything today but I did make a b-day card for my friend sara for her special day today. Well see ya all later.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Cold rainy days....YUCK

Well today I was home with a cold along with Owen! All this cold rainy days makes for snotty noses and fevers. Owen is feeling better but I am not feeling so great. I did get to lay around with Owen today since I wasn't able to go to work. I will be at work tomorrow though. Nothing really new since sleeping was the main activity at my house today. I am trying to get into the chirstmas spirit but it just isn't happening. I have a lot of shopping to do and not a lot of money to do it with. Living on a budget sucks!!! Well I am off to bed soon so I can make it through my day!!! Have a great rest of your night and hopefully tomorrow evening I will be able to scrapbook!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Another weekend Past....

Well I had kind of a busy weekend. On Friday my little Owen did not feel well so we just laid around on the couch and watched TV. I love to snuggle with him because he is such a crazy monster that he doesn't stop for cuddles or kisses!! Saturday I was shopping and volunteered for work to sit at a booth at the mall to sell candles and frames! WOW was that boring!!!! The mall was busy and it was great to watch the people but 3 hours seemed like 10. I had a friend from work with me but she left to shop for about an hour and a half!!! Today was off the the gym lost another pound to make a grand total of 6 yeah!!!! Then I just did laundry and dishes. I did finish my x-mas cards that are super cute!!! There is a picture below ( I hope I've never added a picture) Back to work tomorrow!!! Have a great night!

Friday, December 7, 2007

It's Friday

So I made through another week of work. For some reason it just felt like a long week. Still waiting to see pictures of the puppy I might add to my family! I am not a very patient person so I really want to see those pictures that was supposed to be sent!!! My sweet baby either has cold or his 2 year molars are making an appearance. Very cranky and just cried for like 2 hours!! So like any good mom I got out the pajamas, gave him his binky, got a pillow and blanket laid of the couch, cuddled a little while and then BAM !@!!! Happy baby once again ( it did help he had tylenol and cold medicine). I have a busy day of shopping and volunteering at our local mall for my work!!! Well I am tired and feel like I need to lay on the couch and catch up on all my shows that I taped!!! Have a great weekend.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Oh to get a dog or not???

Hello everyone! So it has been a busy week already but thank goodness tomorrow is Friday! Today I received an e-mail from a lady who I adopted my current dog through. She used to work for a rescue shelter. She found a poor little pit bull mix yesterday and needs to find it a home. So she asked if we would like to take the puppy!!! My house can be a crazy zoo most of the time but the catch is that if no one takes the pup it will be euthinized because in MO they will no long take pits and automatically put them down. My husband is pretty much agreeable to take the dog but oh the responsibility!!! What is a girl to to!! I don't want to be a dog killer!! Other than that drama nothing really new here. Just working and I actually started my christmas cards again last night. Well I have to go! Have a great night and weekend if I don't get back to ya

Monday, December 3, 2007

I survived!!!!

Well here I am back again!! I had a very very busy weekend on call and by the time I got home and settled and Owen to bed I just crashed each night!! But it is OVER!!! I got off work early today and tried to take a nap but it doesn't always work well with a son and husband at home. So I did go to the gym! Yeah for me! I have lost 4 pounds and I think this week I will reach 5 pounds! Thats good for me!!! I just have to keep working and be patient. I am going to try and get some chirstmas cards done tonight and tomorrow since I am off. We''ll see. Nothing really new or exciting here. I kind of lead a pretty boring life. So sad for me. Anyway my birthday is in a couple of weeks and I am pretty excited about it. Well see ya later